A Well-known Organization Meeting Spiritual Needs Too

A Well-known Organization Meeting Spiritual Needs Too

The Internet is filled with information to help you in your spiritual walk, but it’s really neat to find out that a huge charity organization also has information to help the spiritual needs.

You and I know them from feeding less fortunate people, missionary work, clothing people, soup kitchens, volunteers services, community outreaches, and thrift stores. You might have guessed it now…

More than a thrift store

Salvation Army has been around since ???????, and they have been doing great things ever since. You can find tons of testimonials praising the efforts of this organization. They made prayer a foundation part of their ministry and the Lord has certainly blessed them.

Yesterday, a really neat thing happened…

I came across a great site while doing more research about prayer. It’s called Army Battle Cry. It was loaded with valuable information. Then I noticed it was a part of the Salvation Army. How cool is that!

Chronicles 5:20 states that “they were helped because they cried out to Him during the battle, He answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him.”

If looking for another great online resource about prayer, encouragement, instruction, and inspiration check them out.

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