Accept Yourself – Here Are 9 “Unacceptable” Sides To Yourself

Accept Yourself – Here Are 9 “Unacceptable” Sides To Yourself

But God Wants You To Accept Yourself Despite Them!

Accept Yourself

Don’t you just love it that the Lord accepts and genuinely likes you exactly as you are?  God the Father reconciled Himself fully to us. He is not imputing our sins to us! This is the good news.

Yet many of us hold unforgiveness for all kinds of things against ourselves. Stop being so unforgiving of yourself! You can learn to accept yourself even with these 9 “unacceptable” factors.

1) Past Painful Situations

Almost all of us underwent things that we wish we hadn’t been fully conscious to experience!

Why not consider doing what God does? The Lord looks straight at the thing that shouldn’t have happened, hates it, shares in our pain with us, and then goes to work setting things in motion that will cause it to work for good. Accept yourself by accepting the fact that it happened, release it to your loving Savior and let Him redeem it! Your inner peace will return .

2) Imperfect Knowledge

Don’t you hate it when someone ridicules you for being ignorant of a fact?

Accept YourselfThe truth is that we all are enormously unknowing of what is there to be learned on the human level , much less the things of God. Let egotism take the humbling from this and stop struggling to “know it all.” View yourself as a trainee for eternity! Your personal mentor is the wisest, most forgiving Educator in this world or the next.

3) Your Generational Inheritance

Your relatives may have been a painful pill to swallow, but it’s too late now to do much about that situation, correct? That just may be where you are in the dark!

Our all-wise Father decided on our family and our racial heritage for thoroughly good purposes. There are true blessings in our generational line He desires us to receive and special ways we have been adapted by it to impact the people in our world.

4) Weakness

In general we loathe our weak points and prize our strong points.

Let your viewpoint significantly change. It wasn’t your strengths that moved you to dependence upon God and it won’t be your strong points that motivate your growth. We learn to put all our hope in our God because of our weaknesses! They are divinely allowed guides that lead us back to Christ and remind us to trust totally in Him.

5) Wrong Choices

None of us like to make wrong decisions, but detesting that aspect of ourselves is itself a wrong decision!

God apparently accepts it that we are likely to blunder and that we will continually want His help. Mercifully, He loves to come to our rescue. He never condemns us for false steps, but is truly willing to help us gain wisdom through them! He accepts us as we are, it’s time to accept yourself.

6) Your Present Limitations

God may eliminate the impediments we face, but we must entrust ourselves to Him with ready confidence knowing that there is no possible limitation He at a loss to work around or work through in the meantime.

Suppose Joni Eareckson Tada had revolted against her life and her God as a result of the inescapable tragedy of her paralysis. She says she simply cannot imagine how she could ever have helped the countless millions the Lord through her has blessed–had she not been ” constrained” within the limits of the paralysis.

7) Issues with Your Personality

Did you mess around with Chinese handcuffs? The more you attempt to get free the more firmly you find them clenching you.

Troubling ways in our personality are like that. Stress and strain to be patient and you will promptly realize how impatient you really are! God’s graceful Spirit works best as we cast the burden of what needs to change on God then remain willing to do whatever He may show us.

8) Your Sinful Flesh

Plenty of Christians are afraid of their sinful nature and worry that they possess one. God sees it very differently!

Jesus absolutely accepts that it is inside us and is in no haste to lift it out. It won’t be lifted out until we give up the ghost! He is just telling us not to suit up in it and walk in it, but to take on Christ and live in His Spirit in its place.

9) The Way You Look

Where are you focused? Yourself? That sounds like self-love. How you seem to others? Sounds like a never ending task.

Focus your eyes on the Lord. He says that He sees someone He treasures when He focuses upon you–you have ravished His heart! He wants you permanently close to Him. The priceless thing is that whenever we refocus and let Him enchant our heart our face starts to glow with a beauty Mary Kay can’t begin to equal!

Accept Yourself!

Accept YourselfDue to what Jesus accomplished by dying for our sins our Father absolutely accepts us exactly as we are.  God accepts us so you should too!

Don’t fight the gift of mercy that is made available to you! Choose to accept yourself with each and every “unacceptable” concern about yourself and watch your life in Christ blossom like the rose. Accepting yourself for God’s sake is the entrance to emotional healing and a clear sailing life in the Spirit!

For more about rejecting self-rejection visit our friends at Healing Streams.

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