Another Look At What Prayer Is

Another Look At What Prayer Is

How to have Prayer Power!

Whatever your goals and dreams are, you can do much more with God than without Him.  Jesus said, “with God all things are possible”.  The power of prayer has improved the lives of millions of people.  Prayer works!  Prayer brings blessings and miracles!By praying, we are relying on God, and not ourselves.  We are telling God that our source is Him.

Prayer seeks help from God.  Humanism seeks to do things without God.  When we are willing to pray for everything, we are telling God that He is our source for everything.God answers prayer!  When prayers go up, blessings come down.  Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”  God will give you your hopes, your dreams, and your needs – if you ask!

God created us to be able to talk to him.  We do not have to be perfect to pray.  God accepts us where we are at, and will help us move in His direction – teaching us to pray His word and agree with Him!

THE BIBLE – is the resource on prayer.

The Bible reveals God’s will and His promises for us!  The Bible has the solution to all problems.  It is important for us to read the Bible to be sure we are praying God’s will, and God’s solutions!

Jesus is the teacher on prayer!  Jesus is our greatest example for having great Prayer habits and enormous Faith.  He reveals to us the secrets on how to tap into God’s power and get great results in prayer!  To get Miraculous results we must be connected with the Miraculous God!

The most powerful prayers come when we pray God’s word and His will.  God cannot do anything against His word.  Blessings overflow when we get in unity with God.  That is the secret.

Our Goal is to keep ALL Prayers:

Keep your prayers positive and simple talk with God as a friend.  Nothing complicated or memorized. Prayers are faith-filled and line up with the Bible;  negative prayers are fear-filled and do not line up with God’s Word.

There is power in prayer. It’s filled with anointing of God.  During prayer affirm and confess what God says.  The most powerful and proven force in the Universe is prayer and we all have its power. This idea is proven and backed by God’s Word.

Now, take a moment to pray. Have a simple chat with God, then listen for that still small voice.




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