Everyday Life As A Divine Adventure — 5 Tried And Proven Techniques Of Divine Guidance

Everyday Life As A Divine Adventure — 5 Tried And Proven Techniques Of Divine Guidance

Tuning in to God’s voice and being guided by His Spirit turns daily life into a divine venture brim full of inner peace and spiritual health. I definitely love following Jesus into occasions I could never have planned or imagined. This takes place day after day! Developing into a “heaven-directed” person is not beyond the capacity of any Christian. In truth it is a normal part of our life in Christ–something which is clearly expected of us by Jesus who said, “My sheep hear My voice.”

1) The Bible.

This is our bedrock, the foundation we build on so that we can identify any misguided thought or impulse and refuse to follow it. Don’t forget, God is not the only one talking to us. The world, the fallen nature and the enemy also try to claim our focus and may seem highly persuasive. The truthfulness of scripture uncovers every deceit, establishing plainly what the moral boundaries are and giving us broad requirements to be guided by. Make sure you make this at the head of the line! Anything that is clearly taught needs to be adhered to, or the negative consequences will be inevitable. All the same, there are choices we will have to make all day that the Bible doesn’t cover. This is the reason why the Lord sent us His Spirit to follow, not just His Word.

2) Conscience.

You don’t need to be Jiminy Cricket to recognize that you should always let conscience be your guide. Both conscience and common sense are blessings from our God which assist us to know what the next right thing to do is. From then on it falls to us to decide if we want to do it. The Father never forces our free will. Whenever you honestly desire to be led by Him, the Spirit will show you a right inclination that is acceptable to be guided by, a clear necessity that needs to be looked after, or a authentic moral duty to fulfill. These 3 ” guides” are our entry points for being taught how to listen to God more accurately.

3) Inward Perceptions.

Each of our senses have the ability to be turned on by the Spirit of God as a pathway of connection . But the truth is, these inklings are often muted and ambiguous. It definitely takes a lot of experience to “have our senses trained” for identifying the right and wrong of things according to the author of Hebrews (5:14). These elements of the still, quiet voice insist upon meticulous observing! I have followed a lead from the psalmist (131:1-2) to form a silent area inside of me to make sure that I can overhear the “whis”–the partly whis-pered inner voice. This requires some perseverance but it is worth it to gain the discernment as well as gratification of the next exciting thing to do!

4) Agreement of Good Advice.

Despite the fact that there is no replacement for forming judgment for yourself, it would be foolish not to ask others for their wisdom. Jesus usually has people available to us who are worth paying attention to. It is just one of His ways for testing our submissiveness and weaving us as a Body at the same time. I like these “holy huddles”–they have been invaluable for enabling me to stay on track! However, don’t simply follow someone’s recommendations without question. God really does want you to find out how to listen to Him and no one understands your life like the Spirit who searches your heart.

5) External Circumstances.

These are usually the number one aspect which individuals seek out, but they ought to be the last. It is too simple for the enemy to mix up the clues! Don’t be deceived: closed doors aren’t always from the Lord and neither are open doors. Occasionally God would like you to wait at a closed door and give Him time to open it after you have prayed and cultivated some endurance. And an open door can readily be a not so subtle trap set by the tempter. How can you tell? You don’t just rush into the opening right after you find it. You pray, wait, listen, then proceed with watchfulness if you are convinced you are being given a green light.

All 5 of these methods of guidance must confirm each other. You don’t need to receive all five to step out in faith, but if any one of them raises a warning flag, you had better quit and start praying in earnest. With experience, determined attempts, trusting faith and lots of grace your life in Christ can come to be an exciting adventure, floating in the Spirit in a sea of peace.

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