5 Ways That God Is Already Helping You!

5 Ways That God Is Already Helping You!

Would you love to go through every day life just like Jesus did?


No one has walked through each one of their days with more passion, more peace, or more enjoyment. Yet no one ever undertook a more challenging assignment to accomplish!

When we began our life in Christ, most of us prayed that we would become like Jesus. Our Father has been working to answer that petition all along!

What was Jesus like? There are five methods God is directing every single day to enable us to become like Jesus. Receiving knowledge will make it easier for you to take part in things that your God is already working on.

1. Tension free.

Most of us have plenty of things that we have to do every day. Jesus was no different! No person ever had more on his “to do” list or more lost people to take care of. But still we note Him going through His day with inner peace, unstressed at the push and pull of an active day and able to let Himself be disrupted at a moment’s notice.

Wouldn’t you like to sail through your workdays like that? He is inside you teaching you His habits of relying upon God and seeking to do the next right thing. Trust Him and take the steps He reveals to you–it really cures stress!

2. Anger free.

Do you end up infuriated with the harebrained practices of some individuals around you? Would you like to flow through your daily life with a whole lot less exasperation?

Jesus journeyed through a crowded world of sinners who caused endless complications for Him, yet He was able to carry peace and love within Himself, because He was truly good at forgiving troublesome people.

Would you just love to learn how to love like the Lord does? He is with you within you ready to help you let go all your bitter judgments and love people just as they are. Doesn’t He love and forgive you ? So open wide to His grace and favor and begin giving it away!

3. Rejection free.

Many appear to believe that the preeminent way to avoid feeling rejected is to keep from being rejected! Look at these misguided tactics: perfectionism (working to escape critical remarks by getting everything right); withdrawal (endeavoring to avoid rejection by shying away from people and avoiding demanding tasks); aggression (bashing others before all else). These tactics don’t work! You still get stuck with feeling the pain no matter what.

Jesus also felt the below the belt rejections of many people. To resist it He kept His heart guarded by the knowledge that His Father’s love for Him was perfect and that His Father would never forsake Him. That set Him free of feeling rejected!

Wouldn’t you like to flow through your day like Jesus does? You are loved by the same Father! Our Father is constantly loving you and will never reject or forsake you. Just run to Him the moment people hurt you.

4. Worry free.

The entire world is riddled with disputes and risks. The news is often alarming. You hardly ever know what’s going to happen next but you can guess that half the time it’s not anything good! How can you dwell in peace?

Jesus had the ability to stay in reliance upon God’s leadership over events of the world, not His. The Lord remained peace-filled all of the time no matter what the enemy was up to, for the simple reason that He trusted the Father in all things.

Would you want to get the hang of how to live the way Jesus does? There already is a brand new nature in you that really loves to live by relying on God. Cast your worries upon Him that your spirit can grow wings!

5. Burden free.

If you have a heart that can love, then you are in danger of being snared by the tempter. Numerous people that we care for are in trouble and frequently there is very little we can think of to mend the problems in their life. This can really weigh a person down.

Everywhere Jesus went He encountered people whom He cared for that were weighted down with painful burdens and living with great distress , yet He never got burned out, frustrated or despondent in endeavoring to be God’s channel for ministry.

Would you want to be able to look after others as Jesus did? He is beside you desiring to help you learn from Him how to trust your loved ones to God.

Jesus decided to live on earth as we are meant to: in absolute trust in the Father’s love for Him and in complete reliance upon the Spirit of God to supply the supernatural assistance. Walk in His steps and you will learn the way to sail through your days as He did!

Article by: Contributor from Healing Streams Ministry

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