Get Involved!

The time is now!

The time IS now!  It’s time to get involved!  There are many was to get involved.  First, and foremost, join the family and accept Christ into you heart today.  Then find a local church and get connected.  So, if you don’t have a regular church you attend, head over to your favorite online search engine.  Search for Churches within your zip code.

Ways To Get Involved

There is no guarantee for tomorrow.  No one has promised us that we will wake up.  That thought may seem gloom but it’s true.  Read this article about another way to put the value on your life in another perspective, No Guarantee.

As for ways to get involved with this particular site…

Prayer Board:

Submit your prayer request and allow the BattleCry Prayer community full of prayer warriors to interceed and also pray for your requests.  Your prayer request will be 100% confidential. You may put your name on your prayer request, but it is not required.

7-Day Prayer Bootcamp:

BattleCry Prayer put together a Prayer Bootcamp.  Just like our Nation’s military goes to bootcamp for proper training before battle, this bootcamp is to prepare you for a spiritual battle that is all around us and going on right now even as you read this. 

Each day you will will be emailed about different topics of prayer.  Sign up through the optin form in the the sidebar to the right.

Become a Prayer Warrior:

Prayer is a direct line communication to God and a warrior is someone who is experienced in battle.  Although the term “Prayer Warrior” is not found in Scripture, it is a person who is committed to praying for others. 

This page is all about Becoming a Prayer Warrior and fighting for good.  It’s full of information from where to start to the different challenge that a Prayer Warrior might face.

30-day challenge:

It takes 30-days to create a habit.  Prayer has the power to changes lives.  Put those together and your get something awesome!  The challenge is to say a prayer everyday for 30-days, then see where you end up.  You can pray for anything, anyone, or we recommend using the prayer board and prayer for those requests. 

Each prayer will encourage some one.  BattleCry Prayer has also put together a simple 1-page PDF.  This PDF will help you keep track of your 30 days, as well as, give you some extra ideas to add to your prayers.


Partners are people, bloggers, or businesses that want to have prayer available to their family, friends, and followers.  By placing a BattleCry Prayer Partner link on you blog of business website, you are stating that prayer and community are important aspects to the Christian faith and life in general.  The main key about this partnership is community and unity, together we cannot be stopped.  

If you would like to partner with, please feel free to contact us with your reason ‘why’. One cannot purchase a spot on the partners page. There are guidelines within the selection process and BattleCry Prayer reserves the right to refuse any inquiry.