Never Stop Praying Never

Never Stop Praying Never

There are a thousand million reasons why you should never stop praying. The most important reason is that someone may get saved right before they die and you had prayed for them for many years. We never know.

We want to see everyone in Heaven one day. That is our real home, prepared especially for us. We are a temporary citizen here on earth and we sure have to go through a lot of stuff during this life, so does everyone else. But while we are here we can remember to pray, pray, pray.

People to pray for:

Best friend
Loved ones
Co workers
The poor
The rich
The special
Did I leave anyone out?

People need the Lord, which is a beautiful song you can sing, too. Many people don’t know they need the Lord because they are snared from the worries and cares of this world. The enemy has them by the throat. They have ears, but they don’t hear; they have eyes, but they don’t see. Their minds are clouded until you happen to come along and give them scripture that will penetrate them and wake them up to listen to your testimony. They will get saved, too, if you just take the time to help them pray. God is always at work to help us.

So we keep praying and never stop. Have a list of names that you pray for and keep adding to it. Pray for ourselves for strength to keep praying because we don’t want to give up and forget about everyone. There is a great joy in knowing that we have an important job to do and this is a ministry all can be in, no favorites with God.

Sometimes we will have long emotional prayers about someone and sometimes they will be short. We just have to remember to do that, pray with all your heart!

Here a sample prayer for a loved one that needs salvation:

Dear Father God, thank you for my brother Billy. I pray that he will experience salvation and healing to his heart. Take out the stony heart and put in a heart of flesh, a heart of love. Help him to enjoy his life without all that bitterness. Help him to know how much you love and care for him. Send Christians his way to help him to understand the gospel message. Thank you, Father God, for saving my brother, Billy, he needs you so. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

You may want to consider a Prayer Journal where you can write your list of names and prayers down and then date the answer in and the testimony so you can have that to go back to during times of wanting to give up. It will continue to bless you and to encourage you to keep on praying.

Never stop praying.

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