The Power Of Anonymous Prayer Requests Online

The Power Of Anonymous Prayer Requests Online

The internet can be a huge time waster and depending where to spend that time, it can really get you down. I want to encourage you today that there is good stuff out there.

Surround yourself with positive elements

We all have issues we are going through thus we could all use prayer. But some people also have secrets that they just need to get off their chest. With sites like this, any one can share a prayer request. You can even make it anonymous or simply put your first name only.

Not only can you post anonymously, but another cool thing about this prayer board is the “I Prayed For This” button. What that means is after you submit a prayer request, someone could read your request, say a prayer for you and then click that button. Then if you choose the encouragement button when you were filling out you prayer request you’d be send an automatic encouragement email.

The encouragement email basically states you are not alone and a prayer warrior brought your request to God. Don’t worry about spam or newsletters, this is all set up into the program of this prayer board. It’s all automatic.

The latest update is a “prayers answered” option. After a request has been answered, you can inform us and we will update you request with a “This Prayer Has Been Answered!”

How great is that?!

Now head on over to the prayer board and share a prayer. I very simple and secure, click the share your prayer request. Also, let you know if you need anything, feel free to contact us for any reason. If nothing else, tell us hi!

What would you like to learn about prayer? what are you struggling with? what could make this site help more people?

May God keep you and bless you this day. Keep praying.

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