Recent Study Reveals The Power Of Prayer

power of prayer

Recent Study Reveals The Power Of Prayer

Until recently, the power of prayer was only fully understood by Christians who experienced the results in their life.  But new studies have been released that prove how powerful prayer can be. Dr Elizabeth Targ of the National Institute of Health has conducted studies in which AIDS patients have been prayed over by individuals from Christianity (as well as other religions).

The results of the study revealed some startling information. When compared to a group of controlled patients not being prayed over those in the non controlled group faired far better in their attitudes, had fewer doctors’ visits and were hospitalized less than the other.

While this is a compelling reason to continue steadfast with our prayers, there is a higher power that tells us this all the time. Prayer not only allows us to empty our souls of all the worries, stresses, and concerns of the day, but it also brings us closer to our creator. When you pray you concentrate on the source of your existence. You can literally feel God’s grace come over you and experience the power of prayer almost immediately.

Prayer is unrivaled in equivalence in both power and strength to any man made device or idea. We must trust totally and whole-heartedly that what we pray for God has the ability to make a reality. When we pray for help or guidance we are relying on the most powerful force in the Universe, God’s Holy Spirit. That Holy Spirit is able to work wonders in our lives if we simply allow it to. Our part is simple, all that is required of us is to speak to God, and He will do the rest.

The importance of prayer in our lives is often overlooked by those that rely on their own power and strength. But for those of us who have experienced both God’s grace and power, it is the first thing we do when we are troubled. Time and time again God follows through on both his promises and love, and both combine together to form a wall that cannot be breached, though many will try.

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