Tips On How To Live Gracefully – Twelve Easy Steps For Releasing Every Worry To The Lord!

Tips On How To Live Gracefully – Twelve Easy Steps For Releasing Every Worry To The Lord!

Many a times do I catch myself in situations of frustration or anger. The old me was one to keep it all inside. Now, I am much better at these challenges. I am able to vent to my God, my friends, my family.

Staying bottled up with troubles is guaranteed to stew you in stress or discourage you! One of the best secrets of the spiritual life is understanding how to cast concerns from your heart into God’s Hands. That always renews inner peace!

These 12 “steps” are part whimsical, part illustrative, to give you eyes to see how this practice of casting your cares upon God literally functions. These steps will be liberating to your life in Christ!

1) Our Loving Father Wants To Resolve A Concern He Has.

Usually this is the element we don’t keep in mind and it can really trip us up until our eyes of faith have been opened. Unless the Lord sees the trouble and wants to fix it, it won’t get repaired! The first act to bring the desired change kicks off in God’s heart .

2) The Father Opens My Eyes to See The Problem He Sees.

Jesus wants to employ me as a part of His approach to the problem He sees. To accomplish that He first must show me the problem. Maybe I hear about it; it could be that it is spoiling my happiness. One way or another it captures my awareness and intensifies my worries.

3) Soon I Grow Distressed Over It.

My very first emotion is to believe that it is my very own difficulty. Here is where we are tempted to grow nervous or depressed, especially if the situation appears bigger than our skill to fix it. What can possibly be done about it?

4) God Reminds Me To Pray.

Doing this is always God’s entry point into the circumstance by using me. This ought to be reassuring: exactly why would the Spirit guide me to pray unless there was something God wished to do? Nevertheless I may possibly carp about it thinking, “Just pray? Is there anything else to be done?”.

5) I Pray But Have No Release.

Unfortunately, if I possess little actual hope in prayer or trust in God’s ability, I will verbalize the petition to God, but not totally give it to Him. You understand this! Complaining to someone about your auto’s warning signs is never the same thing as leaving it with a mechanic. If I only complain about it, but don’t let it go, the internal strain of the concern rises.

6) Jesus Invites Me To Fully Release It.

Again and again I am reminded to place the concern on Him. Jesus is a very persistent Coach! Inevitably, I understand that the Lord isn’t wanting me to endure such a agony of mind about the trouble. Precisely the reverse!

7) At Long Last I Push It Out Of My Heart Into His Hands.

This is where the genuine transfer transpires. Until I feel the concern my prayers will carry no real substance. But if I try to keep it in my heart it does no one any good, particularly me! My assignment all along was to place the concern into God’s Hands.

8) Jesus Extends Awesome Peace.

Since I have turned over the predicament to God, Jesus gives me the “peace that passes understanding” as a indication that I have really released it. I may say, “I know God heard my prayer.” But the truth is He heard every part of my other prayers also. He simply never “heard” me giving it to Him!

9) I Think About It And Get Worried Again.

Don’t smirk! You have tripped over this many times too. We take it back. The living sacrifice slithered off the altar because God wasn’t acting speedily enough. Not surprisingly, the peace is gone.

10) Jesus Reminds Me To Fully Release It All Over Again.

And so I do. By now it’s easier to let it go. It is such a comfort!

11) At Last He Can Finally Get To Work.

Now that the concern is in His Hands, God can work on it, rather than use it to work on me! You bet, a part of this exercise was to instruct me in the life-giving way of depending upon my God. Why is that always so difficult?

12) Later On, Father God Points Out How The Answer Came.

By then, I could already be fretting about other problems, but I find time to give thanks to Him for straightening out that former worry and make use of it to urge my heart to fully let go of the present problem.

The chief indicator of an effective prayer life is liberty to trust God with all the concerns of life. Unadulterated inner peace does not come to us without the relinquishment of our cares to God, as well as our faith-less efforts to rescue the concern with our own hands. We must commit it to Him for Him to attend to it.

Travel along these 12 easy steps into a life of freedom in Christ! Some may take more time than other but with practice and perseverance you can overcome these stumbling blocks.

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